10electric is a small indoor Radio Control Car club; the majority of cars are mainly 1/10th scale Buggies. Providing we get the numbers we will try and cater for 1/10th Touring cars & 1/18th scale trucks.

We race on alternate Friday nights at Cullingworth Village hall, booking in 6:30pm - 7:15pm, and racing finishes by 10:30pm.The current home of 10electric is situated opposite the main church at Cullingworth.


The club prides itself on low cost family fun, where drivers of all abilities are welcome. New / younger drivers have gained experience here & also race at bigger venues. At 10electric club, we have a mixture of primarily polished floor and some carpet. Occasionally our volunteer track builders will insert jumps for the buggies. The track is small and the lanes are quite narrow, this requires a lot concentration and drivers are requested to be courteous towards their opponents and marshals.


There are no motor restrictions but I strongly recommend a 27 turn stock motor or a standard 540 motor brushed, & 13.5 turn brushless, as anything more powerful would be a waste. Together with AMB Transponders & computer lap timing various race statistics are available.
Currently (subject to change) we are running 4 five minute rounds and a five minute final, time permitting,

The combined knowledge of club member’s offers help and support on various car related topics / problem solving.


Volunteers are requested to arrive early about 6:15 and help with track setup.
N.B. track building is a priority & we cannot race until completed, so remember don’t get in the way of those helping build the track.
Anyone helping with the track setup can have an early practice. Providing all goes well we can begin racing at 7:15 or earlier.