22 feb 13
There is now an alternative way to book in other than confirming by texting YES to my mobile. You can now respond to the 10electric forum on ( oople click on this link ) and register your interest, on the approprate meeting date.

NB all 10electric drivers, your qualifying rounds are against the clock and not against each other. I would ask all to be more courteous towards each others driving and give way to anyone who is about to lap you. Also try and drive around your opponent rather than through them. Note your mistakes and try and compensate for them the next time around the track. Any mistakes you make on the track are yours; please do not blame the marshals. Remember mistakes can cost you the race, your out of position, other drivers will pass you and time is taken for marshals to get you going, so remember avoid all track markers at all cost, slow down, concentrate and you will notice an improvement.

To ensure we commence racing no later than 7:15, I would request all to book in as early as possible. Doors will open at 6:15, anyone arriving late can book in advance by contacting Nori.


Volunteers are requested to arrive early about 6:15 and help with track setup. Anyone helping with the track setup can have an early practice. Providing all goes well we can begin racing at 7:15 or earlier

Due to the lack of marshals in certain races and the the number of finals, we did not finish before 11pm. As a result I now emphasis that unless you are more than capable and do not hold up the evenings racing in any way, you must now only run one class per event / evening.

14th Dec 08 New Rules
This applies to virtually all racers who wish to race at our club. It is a condition of entry to any meeting that anyone who wishes to race must agree to help lay out the track before the meeting and help to put away the track after the meeting has finished. If you are in any doubt about whether this applies to you, then please ask. We appreciate that sometimes it may not be possible to help, so we would ask you to have a word with us. Please don't just vanish at the end of the meeting.
It is also a condition of entry to all persons, that you will clear away all rubbish and return tables and chairs to where they belong. Do not leave it for someone else!
If you do not agree with the above, then please do not come to our meetings. Anyone who refuses to comply is just not welcome.
It is a great reluctance that we have to make this rule, but all too often it is left to the few heroes who help most weeks. I am sure you will agree, that is not fair.

7th Nov 08   New page “Items 4sale”  This page exclusively for 10electric members

touring_car18th July 08, We are setting up a new club for 1/10 scale electric only cars at Cullingworth village hall (BD13 5HN). We can offer accurate computer lap timing with the use of transponders. Friday evenings from 6:15 to 10:30pm is when it all happens. Any age any gender, all are welcome.




armature_b4Motor maintenance service available to club members,

this service includes strip down and a complete overhaul.



Professionally soldered “WOW”

If you are struggling with perfect soldered joints, ask Nori for help and advice.